BSC USDC Transfer Function

This endpoint allows the user to transfer BSC USDC asset.

To initiate a token transfer with the API, the required parameters are:

  1. userEmail - The email address of the authenticated user initiating the transfer

  2. receiverAddress - The wallet address to send the tokens to

  3. sendAddress - The wallet address to send tokens from (must belong to user)

  4. amount - The number of tokens to send

  5. passKey - The withdrawal passkey of the sendAddress wallet for authorization. This provides an additional security measure to verify the transaction.


Request Body

// Make a usdc transfer
    "userEmail": "",
    "receiverAddress": "0xac0063c8D81D77b4a4BbfeE039e8DD8E157d772b",
    "sendAddress": "0xf78a00cf9d8cdfccc4c0c330f0035e5f548ff8f6",
    "amount": "0.1",
    "passKey": "AQICAHjF5MYGrrk+b/1CbpKjZjf3qVXP/zp99I0hBP9oxOO9EgH37YSjlx1BB9/kgbImTKzyAAAApDCBoQYJKoZIhvcNAQcGoIGTMIGQAgEAMIGKBgkqhkiG9w0BBwEwHgYJYIZIAWUDBAEuMBEEDPZD4CQ/b0nQbnrG6gIBEIBdCW/a2js8PwumVLfBBiFGDY8BZNHbn5bpZjJd0R79YBQaXxULC889JI+/q1JTvqCULBAQOj19mMkPn1GSnnuwZ1wZzy43mSSYKP9uByGu6i7Dr+b+T/443iMryKpy"

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