Stablecoin to Fiat USD

Seamlessly enable your users to convert stablecoins into fiat dollars.

Our Payment kit provides a Stripe-like experience enabling developers to easily convert move USDC, and USDT into fiat forms and convert any of these dollars into fiat solutions they can program and benefit from.

Stablecoin to Fiat USD

Enable your users to convert stablecoins to any Fiat bank account in the US.

Convert stablecoins into fiat forms. Programmatically transfer stablecoins via our API and tell us where and via what payment method you are to receive USD. Our partners via APIs handle all the underlying conversions and funds orchestration required to deposit fiat into a customer's bank account.

Fiat USD to Stablecoin

Enable your users to convert fiat to any Stablecoins

This makes it easy for customers in any country, using a wide range of payment methods, to on-ramp into stablecoins.

Leveraging the Payment Kit, users can exchange supported stablecoins into fiat dollars for convenient use like payment.

Getting started with Payment Kit is easy - follow these steps:

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