Wallet Actions kit

Planned Q3 2024: Wallet actions are currently heavily in the development environment.

Wallet Actions are smart contract templates that enable conditional logic and authentication rules for wallets. Businesses can use Wallet Actions to add security, control spending, and customize user experiences.

Some examples of what you can do:

  • Require multi-factor authentication for transfers over a specified amount. This adds security for high-value transactions.

  • Set daily or weekly spending limits per user. Prevent unauthorized overspending by capping totals.

  • Build recurring payment capabilities. Automatically pay invoices or subscriptions from the wallet.

  • Whitelist allowed senders/recipients. Restrict transfers to trusted counterparties only.

  • Validate transaction data before sending. Check for required fields or formats.

  • Add time-based restrictions. Disable transfers at night or on weekends.

The Wallet Actions framework gives you the flexibility to dial in authentication, validation, and permissions at a very granular level. All are executed securely on-chain via smart contract. This enables businesses to customize wallets to their use cases while maintaining user-level custody.

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