Compliance Standard

Yuki Wallets services adhere to the OFAC sanctions standard when managing wallets. Developers must maintain compliance with these regulations and understand the potential consequences of violating these terms.

OFAC Sanctions Compliance in Terms of Service

  • Yuki compliance kit helps developers ensure that the wallets they create do not transact with OFAC-sanctioned addresses.

  • Violations may result in reporting to OFAC or ejecting the developer’s or user's account.

Actions Taken for Detected Non-Compliant Transactions

Yuki takes the following actions for wallets that send or receive transactions to or from, respectively, any OFAC-sanctioned address:

  • The wallet will be temporarily restricted from making outbound transactions pending a review.

Onboarding Compliance for Corporates and Developers

  • Yuki Corporate onboarding follows the standard due diligence for corporate customers, partly to identify who is actually in charge of the firm. This is part of our compliance process known as Know Your Business (KYB).

  • For Developers when registering a Yuki Account, we require current, complete, and accurate information for all required elements on the registration page, including your full legal name and the legal name of your organization.

  • Additionally, on an ongoing basis, we may request will information for the purposes of identity verification and the detection of money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, or any other financial crime.

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