Partner Kits Services

Quickly and easily integrate with our partners to build more complete financial solutions for your customers.

In addition to Yuki's robust Wallet APIs, businesses can leverage Partner Kits to access third-party services.

This simplifies building feature-rich wallet experiences and for teams to focus on what matters. Whether you want to enable local fiat on-and-off ramp, staking opportunities, or wallet aggregation, Yuki's Partner Kits abstract away the complexity of integrating and onboarding these partners individually.

Here is the list of the available services under the Partner kits available

  1. Payment Kit: Streamline global fiat payout capabilities

  2. Ramp Kit: Enable local fiat on-and-off ramp in 21 African countries.

  3. Connect Kit: Allow users to connect external exchange accounts and wallets to your service and enable a smooth deposit and withdrawal experience.

In Roadmap Kits planned for integration

  1. Staking Kit: Offers liquid, secure savings services to your customers.

  2. DeFi Kit: Access DeFi apps with enterprise-grade protection and fully customizable governance & policy control.

  3. Liquidity Kit: Access a global spectrum of liquidity providers from a single account for larger, faster trades.​

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