Programmable Web3 accounts

Yuki’s APIs enable developers to create and embed secure Web3 accounts (aka wallets) in their apps. With Yuki APIs, you can specify parameters to generate purpose-built wallets tailored to the use case you're building:

  • Specify the blockchain network for your wallet creation.

  • Identify the wallet type.

  • Choose the transaction type, transaction value limits, and more.

What is a Wallet?

Within the crypto world, a “wallet” refers to any solution that allows users to store, send, receive, and spend digital assets, whether the wallet exists in software (a program or service) or hardware (a device or physical medium). A wallet doesn’t store digital assets. It stores the private keys to access those coins, which exist on public blockchain networks.

Problems with Wallets

Wallet solutions have faced uphill battles with complex and difficult onboarding issues for mass adoption and scalability of Web3 apps:

  • Unfamiliar authentication methods for handling private keys.

  • Cumbersome approaches to gas fee management for transactions.

  • Opaque debugging for failed transactions.

  • High complexity for integrating third-party services.

  • Developers must maintain the security of a user’s private keys amidst multiple vendors and offerings.

  • No single end-to-end solution is available to help them build Web3.

  • Generally, static wallets state that developers can't do more.

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