On/Off Ramp Kit

Enable local fiat on-and-off ramp in 16 African countries.

Q4 2023

The Ramp Kit API allows you to easily integrate and connect a suite of on/off ramps/OTC services into your application, enabling users to seamlessly move funds between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

Enabling businesses across Africa and the world to provide their customers with African fiat on-and-off ramps through the power of stablecoins. Yes- one API key to effortlessly unlock multiple ramp rails/OTCs across the whole African continent.

Fiat Disbursements

Seamlessly convert USDT/USDC into local fiat sent directly to your customer's African bank account or mobile money wallet.

Fiat Collections

Enable your customers across Africa to convert their local fiat into USD/USDT/USDC loaded on their account on your platform in a few taps.

Pan-African Coverage

We enable USDT/USDC-to-fiat solutions across the African continent.

Physical Pickups

Allow your users to convert physical currency into USDC and back. Your wallet holders can move USDC to and from their wallet and transact with cash at participating pickup locations - no bank account is needed!

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