Wallet Service Kit

The Wallet Kit enables you to create different types of direct custody web3 wallets to securely store digital assets, automate, and manage user and token operations

All account types on the Yuki Platform are non-custodial and leverage Yuki multi-layer security to ensure no single individual can compromise your assets.

Node Infrastructure

Every account at Yuki comes with an out-of-the-box node infrastructure. Yuki submits all transactions onchain, creating web notifications, so you don't have to maintain your node infrastructure.

Blockchain Data

You can retrieve the most important data for the most common blockchains. Get results for each supported blockchain protocol get both transactional and real-time data, and retrieve information on wallet data such as Balances, Unconfirmed Transactions, Confirmed Transactions Uncles, Tokens, Internal Transactions, Fees, and more.

Supported Protocols and Networks

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