Account Abstraction Kit

Account Kit is currently in the staging environment.

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Yuki Account Kit enables meta transactions or sponsored transactions in (EOA) wallets out of the box without any change in your onboarding journey and just a few lines of code in your wallet to integrate Account Kit SDK (EOA).

  • Smart Cloud Wallets created with Yuki APIs relay on ERC-4337 to power user operations for fast and reliable on-chain inclusion.

  • Developers can sponsor the gas fees for user operations on 20+ chains with a simple API endpoint.

  • Allowing users to pay for gas fees with ERC-20 tokens in a permissionless way.

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The problem we are solving with the AA Kit

Web3 applications today face major roadblocks to user adoption in the form of terrible user onboarding & transaction experience. Almost every interaction with dApps is a complex transaction for your users. In comparison to intuitive web2 products that people are used to, dApps can be extremely frustrating.

There are various bottlenecks in the transaction experience:

  • The necessity to pay a gas fee every time the user uses your application. Netflix does not charge you their AWS fees every time you watch a video, so why should dApps charge you gas fees for every interaction you do?

  • New Users have a long-complicated onboarding process. Non-crypto-savvy new users will have to pass KYC, purchase ETH from an exchange, download a wallet, and then connect their wallet before they can go any further, which can take days! No one waits for days to try out an application.

  • Volatile and high gas fees further dampen the user experience on your dApp.

  • Pending and stuck transactions can force your users to wait for minutes and even hours before they can carry on interacting with your application. Sometimes the transaction fails altogether.

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