Create Bitcoin Wallets

This endpoint allows you to create BTC wallets.

To create a Bitcoin wallet for a user, the /wallet/create-btc-wallet API endpoint requires two parameters in the request:

  1. userEmail - The email address of the user for which you want to create the wallet. This links the wallet to their account.

  2. blockChainSupported - Specify ''Bitcoin" to indicate the wallet should be created on the Bitcoin blockchain.


Request Body






// Create Bitcoin wallet for user
      "userEmail": ""
      "blockChainSupported": "Bitcoin" 

The wallet creation API request will return a wallet address that can send and receive BTC on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Specifically, the response will contain:

  • walletAddress - The public Polygon address tied to the created wallet

  • asset - BTC, the supported token on this wallet

Once a wallet is created successfully, users can top up the address by depositing BTC.

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